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Were You Injured In A Rear-End Collision Caused By Driver Negligence?

Most people reading this page will be, unfortunately, all too familiar with the sudden shock and confusion that result from rear-end collisions. You could be driving down the road, stopped at a red light, or stuck in rush hour traffic when suddenly your world is turned upside down — another driver has crashed into the rear of your vehicle.

I am Gregory J. Abbott, an attorney with 34 years of experience recovering compensation for car accident victims who have suffered serious injuries. I have built a tradition at the Law Offices of Gregory J. Abbott of providing personalized service that is aimed at achieving my clients’ goals. Most clients enter my office with questions and are concerned about their long-term health. I work hard to ensure that they fully understand what lies ahead so that they eventually leave with a better understanding of the legal process and the value of their case.

Common Injuries In Rear-End Collisions

Each car accident case is different, with unique facts and varying severity of injuries. There are, however, certain injuries that are commonly associated with rear-end collisions. Those include:

  • Whiplash
  • Nerve damage
  • Joint damage
  • Damaged ligaments
  • Herniated disks
  • Other spinal cord complications
  • Brain damage

These injuries could impact you for extended periods of time, and potentially for the remainder of your life. You could lose your ability to work and incur significant medical costs, rehabilitation costs and more. My job is to work quickly to obtain full and fair compensation so you are not stuck covering any costs associated with your injuries.

Contact An Attorney To Discuss Your Legal Options

You should not hesitate to contact me even if you feel your accident was minor. Many of these injuries will not be immediately apparent and could manifest themselves years down the road. You do not want to lose your right to compensation, and there is nothing to lose by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation at my office.

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