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Recent Settlements And Verdicts For The Law Offices of Gregory J. Abbott

No attorney can promise results because each case is unique. However, the strength of an attorney’s record is often a good indicator of their legal skill. Here are some notable case results/verdicts from my 34-years of personal injury practice:


Represented a young woman who was injured when a drunk driver crossed a center line and struck her car.


Represented a man who was injured when his car, stopped at a stop sign, was struck by a truck that turned into his vehicle and pushed it over a curb.


Settlement for a woman who suffered a hip injury when her vehicle was struck by a drunk driver.


Represented a woman who was rear-ended and pushed into the vehicle in front of her. She suffered neck pain and carpal tunnel injuries requiring surgeries.


Represented an Estate of a man who was struck by a car causing knee injuries, and who 10 days later died from deep vein thrombosis.


Represented a mother and daughter whose vehicle was struck by a car that crossed the center line and struck their vehicle.


Represented a pedestrian who was injured when she tripped and fell on broken pavement at a train station, suffering arm and elbow injuries.


Represented the Estate of a Nursing Home resident who was taken on a group outing to a movie theater. She was negligently supervised by staff, causing her to fall down steps and causing her facial fractures and other personal injuries.


Represented a woman who suffered a back injury in a motor vehicle accident when another driver struck her vehicle while making a U-turn.


Represented a man who was injured when his motorcycle struck a pothole, throwing him onto the pavement, causing rotator cuff damage.


Represented a bricklayer who was injured on the job when a hammer fell from a window above where he was working, suffering head injuries.


Represented a motorcyclist who suffered a fracture when was cut off in traffic, causing him to down his bike on the pavement.

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