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truck accidentsTruck Accidents Are Devastating – You Need Financial Compensation

Truck accidents occur every day in a metropolis like Chicago. While most truck drivers are safety-conscious, we have all known the terror of being on a highway with a truck right on our back bumper. Truck drivers, like all drivers, sometimes fail to be safe and act in a negligent way, causing injuries. If you were seriously injured by the negligence of a truck driver or trucking company, contact the Law Offices of Gregory J. Abbott at 630-963-7938 to learn how I can help you seek justice and compensation.

Proving Fault After A Commercial Truck Accident

To win your case, you must show that the truck driver was negligent. Did you know that truck drivers must follow many federal regulations? Did you know that drivers are required by law to rest occasionally? If you suffer a personal injury caused by a truck accident, you need an attorney like me who knows all the rules and regulations that apply to truck drivers to prove liability.

Truck accidents in Downers Grove and its surrounding areas often involve fractures, herniated disks and neurological damage. Often, the injured person has a broken bone or may feel numbness or tingling in the arms, legs and feet. Some have lifelong issues such as a limp or severe back pain due to the injury. Unfortunately, some truck accident injuries are fatal. It is important to pick the right attorney.

Contact A Knowledgeable 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Today

We proudly serve DuPage County including Downers Grove, Boilingbrook, Darien, Lemont, Naperville, Westmont, Wheaton and Woodbridge. If you were injured in a truck accident, discuss your case with an attorney who has more than 34 years of experience. I offer free consultations, and you pay no legal fees unless I help you recover money. To learn more about your legal options, call the Law Offices of Gregory J. Abbott at 630-963-7938 . You can also send me an email.

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