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work injuryHelping Injured Workers Get The Compensation They Deserve

Many people spend more than 40 hours a week at their job. You have a right to work in safe conditions. Downers Grove area workers who are injured on the job worry not only about their injuries, but how they will meet their basic needs.

How will I pay my mortgage? How will I pay my living expenses? People who are unable to work may be worried about paying their bills. They worry about where they will find the money for food, clothes and monthly necessities. Many people live paycheck to paycheck in good circumstances, and an injury that requires time away from work and expensive medical bills can be frightening.

If that is the situation you are in, it is important to quickly retain an attorney who can help ensure that you receive the compensation you need. As the founder of the Law Offices of Gregory J. Abbott, I represent clients in Downers Grove, Illinois, and throughout Woodridge and DuPage County in work injury lawsuits. Contact me online or call 630-963-7938 for a free consultation.

Receiving The Compensation You Need

If you were injured at work in DuPage County, there are three main areas for which you can receive compensation:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Diminished work capacity

With more than 34 years of experience, I can help make sure you receive the maximum settlement available in each area. I help clients receive the workers’ compensation benefits they need. I give my clients a detailed explanation of how the system works and work with them to make sure they get the compensation they are entitled to.

Were You In Accident At A Construction Site?

It is common knowledge that construction sites can be dangerous. However, contractors have a legal duty to take precautions to keep a workplace safe. If you are injured at a construction site because a contractor neglects its legal duty, you may be entitled to compensation that is in addition to your workers’ comp benefits. Speak with me about it today.

Contact Me To Take Advantage Of A Free Consultation

Learn more about the compensation you may be entitled to by working with an experienced Downers Grove work injury attorney. Contact me online or call 630-963-7938 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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